I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the dog world! I have met the most wonderful people that have given of their time, knowledge and talents to help me become a breeder of champions! I still can't believe that I was asked to write this - I'm such a small part of a large group of dog fanciers. I am in awe. I have been owned by a Pomeranian since I first laid eyes on a very small puff of cream fur when I was 18 years old. My first Pom, Dandy, was a Wee Pepper Pod grandson so that tells you just how long I have been in love with Poms!!!! Dandy was stolen not once but three times-the third time was not a charm, we never found him but my love of the breed only grew. I have owned one or more for most of my adult life.
After my husband and I moved to East Texas and I expressed a desire to try my hand at showing, his comment was "Go for it!!" We went to dog shows, we talked to breeders, exhibitors, handlers, etc. and then I went in search of my first possible show dog. I purchased one that I named Lily. I also fell in love with a tiny puppy that I was told was not for sale. OK. You learn to walk away but not without a heavy heart.
Lily absolutely HATED the show ring but thanks to a marvelous lady by the name of Bonnie Acquard and her limitless patience and lots of work, Lily earned her one and only point. About a year later, I had met a breeder/handler by the name of Judy Stone and she asked if she could try her luck with my shy little girl. Lily still didn't do well in the ring but Judy didn't give up. We entered her in an International show. I'm still not sure if it was because it was out of doors at Purina Farms or if Lily just decided that she might as well do well and maybe, just maybe, I would let her live in peace!!!! Lily (and Judy) earned her International Championship. She is now very much retired - and rules the roost. To backtrack a bit, about a week after I purchased Lily, I got a call from the kennel I had purchased Lily from and they said if I still wanted the puppy, I could come and get her. Well, you know the old story - my shirttail didn't touch...
I named her Sara and she remained one of the greatest loves of my life until her death in 2012. During her life, she earned her one and only point at a show in Conroe and that was once again thanks to Bonnie Acquard.
Besides the joy Sara gave me, she also presented me with her only child -- an adorable little girl we called Annie. Annie was bottle fed from day one and to the date of her death, she would come running for a bottle! Once again, my friend Bonnie stepped up to the plate and took Annie under her wing (after all, she was her human grandmother!!). Annie learned her lessons well and became the show dog of my dreams. After that first point, I sent her to Judy Stone in Missouri and Judy showed her through her AKC Championship, her UKC Championship and her International Championship. This picture was taken the day she earned her AKC championship. Unfortunately, shortly after she came home to stay, she came down with some kind of infection that we couldn't stop. We lost her almost overnight.
We have since had a few puppies, but none that stood out - until Dumplin. Dumplin is now 2 years old and has just finished her championship!! Three Back-to-Back Majors, including a 5 pointer in Little Rock!! After her first show (below) where she got her first point under judge Bradley Jenkins, she has been handled by Tracey Gustavson. This makes two home-grown champions!!
We have had better luck with our girls than our boys, but we still have high hopes. Thanks to my friend Nancy Reed, I have a darling little boy, Tiny, that while he can't be shown, rules the roost along with Lily.
I can't claim credit for any of my wonderful luck. I have made some wonderful friends that share my love of Poms and have helped me every step of the way. I have mentioned Bonnie Acquard and Judy Stone, both of who got me started in the right direction. However, in looking back over my "career" with dogs, I have to give credit where credit is due and that is to my dear friend Bridget McDonald. She helps me in every part of my doggie kingdom. She gives advice, helps with breeding, whelping, grooming, etc. If truth be known, Sara brought us together and Bridget is the one that looked at Dumplin's litter and said "keep this one." The picture above is Dumplin at her first show and below is a picture of Tiny...all 3 pounds of him!!
I will, the good Lord willing, always be owned by a Pom.
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