About our Rotts: Up until about 15 years ago, I had never heard of a Rottweiler.I saw a picture on the front of one of the dog magazines and fell in love with it. I just HAD to have one! It took several more years until I had a yard big enough and my first Rott was adopted from the SPCA in Dallas.She totally convinced me that of all big dogs, Rotts were THE dog for me. Since then I have rescued several and five years ago, my husband and I imported our first show dog from Yugoslavia. Next came one from Hungary, then Germany and Serbia. We have carefully studied the breed,talked to breeders,owners and other fanciers to help us make the right choices. I think we have some of the finest Rotts in this country.

Poms have been the love of my life for many,many years. I acquired my first one from Dorothy Bonner(I think that alone tells you it was a while ago!) I've been in love ever since!  Our "little people" as I call them are all house dogs and we usually have one or two of the Rotts inside. Our poms run the house and won't let you forget it.We have added some new ones lately. I will have them on the web site soon.